Boy Scout Troop 33 - Takoma Park, Maryland

September 2009- August 2010

March - Thursdays This month we will focus on Fishing. Rules, equipment, techniques, where to and how of fishing. April 1 meeting we will clean and Cook fish.
March 21 (Sun) Dinner for New Webelos/Scouts and Parents at Mr. Lanar's house.
March 25 Webelos from Pack 33 come to Troop 33 First Meeting
April 2-3 (Fri-Sat) Overnight hike Maryland's middle portion of the Appalachian Trail. Lead by Mr Tidwell and Mr. Lindsley. Leave Fri at 8 AM. For new scouts and younger scouts.
April 5-9 Five Day Hike for Philmont Scouts. Lead by Mr. Miller and Mr. Edwards. Experienced Hikers only
April 10/11 (Sat/Sun) Visit and tour Luray Caverns. Proceed to Camp Schmitt for overnight Camping. Leave Sat AM; Return Sunday afternoon. Family Event. All are welcome
All weekend in April Make Soapbox Derby Cars
April 22 (Thur) Troop meeting with Senator Jeremy Rifkin. "What it means to be a Citizen"
April 29 (Thurs) Meeting at 7 PM at Derby Race site to test all cars.
May 2 (Sun) Soapbox Derby
May 8 (Sat) Spring Garden Clean up of Church (Backup May 15)
May 9 (Sun) Camp Horseshoe signup fee due for discount rate
May 15 (Sat) Chesapeake Bay Charter Fishing for Rockfish (tentative date. Limit 15 people)
May 29-31 Camp Schmitt - Canoe training
June 3 Court of Honor
June 6 90th Anniversary
June 19-20 Canoe Trip Overnighter Lead by Mr. Jackson.
July 4 Independence Day Parade
June 27-July 11 Philmont High Adventure Trip - New Mexico
July 24-25


Camp Schmitt
Aug 8-15 Camp Horseshoe

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Park, Troop 33 2009-10 Calendar,, revised May 16, 2010